T9 multi function reader&writer



T9 combines magnetic card technology, contact card technology and contactless card technology in one machine, mainly to meet the challenge that magnetic cards, contact IC cards, contactless IC cards are coexisted in current card system. For contact card reader, it adopts drop slot.And for communication interfaces, there are RS232 or USB port. To supply power for the machine, you can either use keyboard port or USB port to connect, and it is driver-free for USB communication.

T9 has kept all the functions of card reader D6 of Decard,besides, it has added some outstanding features: support two main cards simultaneously, one outlay, another semi-buried, meanwhile, supports three mini SAM cards slot. Main card slot is for general use, and supplementary card slot can facilitate administrators of identification and management once insert administration card. And this design has solved the problem that have to use insert the SAM card inside the machine. Nevertheless, we also add 3 inbuilt SAM card slot inside the machine for compatibility and various authentications.

T9 has also kept all the advantages of Stegosaurus series, for example, it adopts USB HID driver-free technology, easy to install and use in operating system, At the same time, it can be online updated and customed quickly for different functions . What’s more, all the card slot support high-speed CPU card to speed up transaction.

T9, as a necessary front-end processing equipment for IC card system integration, has largely boosted the system safety and facilitated applications, thus working more excellently in smart card applied management system for various charging,e-card, query centers like industrial and commercial administration, telecommunications, post office, tax bureau, bank, insurance company, medical and so on.


Name Multifunctional key-pad card reader Z9
Weight 400g
Working temperature -20 - +60ºC
Life span of contact reader Contact for 200,000 times
Card size supported Support 2 standard sized ISO7816 card, also can attach 3 SAM card socket for GSM 11.11 Sim Card
Currency supported to card 70Ma
PC-linked communication interface USB(HID driver-free port) RS232
Protocol Supports T=0、T=1 CPU card,and general memory card,Communication speed up to 115,200 bps Supports ISO14443 Type A,Type B contactless smart card,for example: Mifare S50, Mifare S70,MF1ICL10,Mifare Pro,Mifare desfire,Mifare ultralight,SLE44R31,SLE6-6cl series,AT88RF020,Huahong1102 etc.;
Compliance/certification ISO14443、ISO 7816-3、PC/SC、GSM11.11、FCC、 CE
Communication rate T=0:9600-38400bps T=1:9600-115200bps
Surface color Black,customizable
Connecting cable 1.5M
Status display Bi-color LED indicator light,to indicate the status of power and communication
Monitor LCD backlight,122*32
Keypad Supports keypad input, 12 keys, include numeric keys 0-9 , “ Confirm” key, “Cancel”key
Memory Provide 4K read-write memory and relevant interface functions can set ID for the device and store data by users
Magnetic stripe card Can read dual-track, three-track, or 2\3 track magnetic stripe card
Operating system Windows 98, Me,2K,XP,2003,7,Unix,Linux
Dimensions 71mm*88mm*122mm
Other features Provide function library of universal interfaces,can be used in developing platform with various operating system and language Can be updated online

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